LVP Stair Nose


Enjoy your beautiful stairs and get:

  • Exact Color Match – Our nosings are made from the same material as the rest of your floor, the color match is always right.
  • Perfect Flush Fit – Our nosings click right into the rest of your LVP flooring. No more obtrusive tripping hazards or ridges to clean.
  • Simple Installation – Don’t cut another stair tread. Save time and add functional beauty. Enjoy the elegance and strength of your full tread! (installation videos)
  • Free Shipping – Enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States!

Brands Available

Our nosings are available in hundreds of styles and colors that are commonly available at Home Depot, Lowes, and Floor & Décor. Get your floors from them and nosings from us.

If you’re looking for a specific product that is typically available at Home Depot, Lowes, or Floor & Décor but not currently on our site, please contact us, and we’ll see if we can source it for your project.

For products that are not readily available at Home Depot, Lowes, or Floor & Décor you will need to work directly with one of our dealers.

Additional information


Home Depot, Lowe's, Floor and Decor


Lifeproof, ProCore Plus, DuraLux Performance


Ace lane Wood, 47.60” Length, Acre Heights Wood, 47.60” Length, Alexandria Oak, 47.60” Length, Alys Oak, 47.60” Length, American Bison Wood, 47.60” Length, Amherst Oak, 47.60” Length, Arnica Lake Oak, 48.03" Length, Auburn Wood, 47.60” Length, Baileys Beach Oak, 47.60” Length, Balsam Wilderness, 47.60” Length, Banff Grey Hickory, 48.03" Length, Big Sur Cypress, 47.60” Length, Boulder Pass Hickory, 48.03" Length, Brooks Oak, 47.60” Length, Brookland Oak, 47.60” Length, Burnt Oak, 47.06" Length, Camel Lake Ash, 47.60” Length, Chiffon Lace Oak, 47.60" Length, Choice Oak, 47.60" Length, Clear Water, 47.60” Length, Cobblestone, 47.60” Length, Colorado, 47.64” Length, Comanche Hickory, 47.64” Length, Dark Oak, 59.40” Length, Deer Brook Trail, 47.64” Length, Driftwood Beach, 47.60" Length, Dusk Cherry, 47.60" Length, Easy Oak, 47.60” Length, Edgewood Cherry, 47.60” Length, Elk Wood, 47.60” Length, Essential Oak, 47.60" Length, Fresh Oak, 47.60" Length, Frogtown Valley Walnut, 47.64” Length, Gainesville Oak, 47.64” Length, Georgia Clay, 47.60" Length, Heirloom Pine, 47.60" Length, Hockley Oak, 47.64" Length, Hudspeth Maple, 59.40” Length, Jinks Creek Pine, 47.60” Length, Lighthouse Oak, 47.60” Length, Luxurious Pine Wood, 47.64" Length, Moose Lake Chestnut, 48.03" Length, Nashville Oak, 47.60” Length, Needham Hole Creek, 47.60” Length, Nutmeg Hickory, 47.60” Length, Powder Oak, 47.60” Length, Red Iron Oak, 47.64” Length, Restored Wood, 47.60” Length, Rustic Wood, 47.60” Length, Saddleback Natural Hickory, Santa Isybella Oak, 59.40” Length, Scratch Stone, 47.60” Length, Seaside Oak, 47.60” Length, Semi-Sweet Oak, 47.60” Length, Shadow Hickory, 48.03" Length, Silverton Falls Oak, 48.03” Length, Sterling Oak, 47.60" Length, Sundance Canyon Hickory, 48.03" Length, Torngat Mountain Oak, 48.03” Length, Trail Oak, 47.60" Length, Tupelo Oak, 47.60” Length, Turner Beach Pine, 47.60” Length, Woodacres Oak, 47.60" Length, Worley Branch Walnut, 47.60” Length, Catskill Pine, 47.75" Length, Charleston Oak, 47.75" Length, Crescent Oak, 47.75" Length, Dovetail Oak, 47.75" Length, English Grove Oak, 47.75" Length, Forged Oak, 47.75" Length, Jamestown Hickory, 47.75" Length, Meadow Oak, 47.75" Length, Tudor Oak, 47.75" Length, Warm Honey Oak, 47.75" Length, Ansleigh Cottage, 48.03” Length, Auburn Acacia, 48.62” Length, Bayou Breeze, 48.62” Length, Cape Charles, 48” Length, Cayman Reef Rigid Core, 48.62” Length, Cold Brew Hickory, 48” Length, Fahrenheit Pine, 48” Length, Foothills Pine, 48” Length, Foxtail Pass, 48.03” Length, Hazel Wood Oak, 48.62” Length, Hillside Sable, 48” Length, Holly Creek Oak, 48.03” Length, Laurel Falls, 48.03” Length, Lenox Estate Beige, 47.75” Length, Madeline Maple, 48.03” Length, Manchester Ridge, 48.03” Length, Oakland Grove, 48.03” Length, Oglethorpe Oak, 48.50” Length, Pacific Palisade, 48” Length, Paisley Cape, 48.62” Length, Piedmont Bend, 48.03” Length, Portland Pine, 48.63” Length, Ridgeland Reserve, 48” Length, Tahoe Spring, 48” Length, Trenton Traditional, 48.62” Length, Vista Brasília, 48” Length, Waltham Vintage, 48” Length, Windmill Oak, 48” Length, Winterfall Oak, 48” Length

Installation Video


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