Finished Edge Technology, an Arizona-based company, was established in 2020 by its founder, a flooring installer.

Being raised in the flooring business, he worked weekends installing carpet with his father. Slowly, he progressed and learned to install other types of flooring from some of the best craftsmen in the industry. Taking over where his father left off, he too believed there were better techniques, methods, and processes that could improve the efficiency and quality of flooring installation. In the 1990’s, his father designed and manufactured a carpet-tool that, to this day, is sold worldwide. Now, the founder of Finished Edge Technology, has also created a new design-technology that is changing the stair-nose industry forever.

After facing the dilemma of hard-surface flooring on steps, he felt the traditional installation methods for stairs were flawed. The most common problem was either cutting off the tread nosing, or boxing the steps. “When you work directly with your customers at the ground level, it’s terrible to hear ‘It’s not what I envisioned.'” This is what sparked his interest to improve the technique – customer satisfaction. After rigorous R&D, tedious testing, and continuous improvements, he was able to provide a solution that would resolve all of the problems associated with stair nosing.

Quality and Innovation

Finished Edge Technology was born from the need for a more stream-lined, simplified product and installation method, that would be the best solution for all types of stairs. We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, and are confident that we are a major player in forever raising the industry standards.


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