Transformative technology that provides the perfect stair nosing

You want to give your clients beautiful stairs that they rave about to their family and friends.

But current “solutions” just bring you headaches like these:

  • Poor color match and uneven height 
  • Wasted time and money on callbacks 
  • Lost business (and referrals) due to unhappy customers

You shouldn’t have to settle for low-quality stair nosing “solutions.”

With Finished Edge Technology, you can provide stair nosing that delights your customers and deliver beautiful stairs that last.

Get a Perfect Match

Don’t settle for a subpar color match and uneven height on your stairs. Our stair nosings use the same plank that’s used on the rest of the floor, and it clicks right in for a perfect flush height and exact color match.

Save Time

Time is money in the flooring business. Our patent pending solution will reduce your installation time by 40 percent, and we’ll ship your order in just 5 days. Get predictability back in your project management schedule and make your installers smile.

No More Callbacks

Perfect color match, flawless fit, increased nosing strength, and extended tread depth means your customer will be raving and referring you to others - not calling you back for repairs and costing you money.

Don’t let shoddy stairs sabotage your reputation and kill your margin. Get stair nosing from Finished Edge Technology today and become the go-to flooring dealer in your area!

Why Finished Edge Technology?

We understand your pain - after all, we were founded by a flooring installation veteran who was frustrated and fed up, too! Our process helps get you the perfect fit and color match every time. And don’t worry – your stair nosings are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

“Prior to using your stair caps I, like everybody else in the industry, was forced to use stair nose pieces provided by the different manufacturers to match their product. As a result of their poor design and lack of consistency in color and finish, I would have constant problems with the stair nose not fitting properly and coming loose. Since I switched over to Finished Edge Technology, I haven’t had a single problem with either of these things. Beyond that, the customers absolutely love the look, feel and ease of maintenance. In a nutshell, it’s been a game-changer. Thank you!”

Douglas LentzOwner, Legend Flooring

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