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How do I Install Finished Edge nosings?

You can find our installation instructions here or simply watch our installation video here.

Installers love the simplicity of installing Finished Edge nosings.

Should I cut off my stair treads before installation?

No, you should not cut off the stair treads. One of the benefits of our stair nosings is that they are designed specifically to wrap around the existing stair treads, saving you time on your installation.

Watch our installation video for reference here.

What are the stair nose dimensions?

Our nosings are a universal fit, made exclusively with the interior measurements of 3/4″ and 1-9/16″.

The maximum length for our nosings is restricted by the length of the brand of the plank flooring. 60 inches is the maximum length we will ship out-of-state.

Is there a warranty on Finished Edge nosings?

Setting a new standard for strength and durability (watch this!).

Here is our written Warranty.

Will the stair nosings work on the top step and the landings?

Yes, Unlike other stair nosings on the market, Finished Edge stair nosings will provide a seamless transition on your top step as well as your landings.

Will the stair nose cover my entire step?

No, because our stair nosings are made from the flooring planks themselves, they will only cover roughly 6 inches of your stair tread. The customer will use an additional plank to click into the stair nose to create a seamless finish to each step. Please read through our installation instructions or refer to our youtube channel for installation videos.

Can these stair nosings be placed side by side on an extra-long stair?

Yes, Finished Edge nosings can be attached together side by side, the click system remains intact on all sides and the nosings are made to the exact same dimensions so they will fit together perfectly.

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